Do You Have a Data Protection Plan for Your Critical Data?

Imagine what would happen if you suddenly lost access to all your business data and IT infrastructure. Would you be prepared? We offer a solution to this frightening possibility - complete data recovery and business continuity services for small and mid-size businesses. Our data protection and recovery specialists know how to keep your business afloat in the event of an IT catastrophe.

We can help protect your company's data from loss due to hackers, theft, system failures, and unexpected disasters through our customized data backup and recovery packages. We'll work with you to determine the specific needs of your company and find the best solution.

With our Data Protection and Data Recovery solutions:

  • Receive backup of your data and IT infrastructure in our offsite data centers, assuring duplicate copies in case of fire, flood, or other catastrophic loss
  • Gain simple, secure access to your files with our dedicated servers
  • Get consistent, ongoing data backups of your important files
  • Have an offsite copy of your IT infrastructure that is available within minutes in the event of a system failure at your primary location
  • Take advantage of our monthly service packages - with no major hardware, software or capital expense involved

Your data protection plan should include more than just an in-house backup copy – if your office were destroyed, your chance of data recovery would be gone, too. A disastrous event might seem unlikely, but there are plenty of other threats to your data that could bring your business to a halt. A virus or network failure could keep your business down for days. There are too many threats out there for businesses to operate without an off-site backup.

Without access to critical information, would you be able to make contact with customers and vendors and continue to operate your business? How long would your company survive? Do you really want to find out?

Contact us today and learn how we can create a custom data backup and recovery solution for your company.